I don't mind living near a main road so much, and the variety of prangs we have at the intersection out the front makes life a little interesting (as do some of the fights between little Homee-G's in the McDonalds' carpark), but ever so often one gets sick of it…

Last night we heard the loud metallic thud – not accompanied by the usual screech though – that signifies another piece of excellent driving.

I didn't really pay much attention until it came time to farewell our guests for the evening, and upon going outside I discovered that there were 2 ambulances and a fire appliance on the scene. At least 2 cars were involved, as was a set of traffic lights.

I guess the ethical question is should Mike & I keep our ear out for that kind of thing and run out & help if it happens ? I mean, ya don't wanna be apathetic to the lives of people around you, but man… that'd be a part-time job almost !?

Anyway, the boring bit was that there were cranes and trucks and stuff out there til about 2am fixing the traffic lights, which leads me to believe that perhaps I'm not as good-a sleeper as I'd suspected.

Anyway, in other news, it's time to unveil my latest facial hair arrangement on my unsuspecting public. Time to go out & get myself a pair of Stubbies and a pool net maybe ?