Today is the last day of the Jamboree… so you may well ask why it is I'm back at camp typing into my web log at 10 to 1 in the afternoon and not down lapping up the ambience ? Well, for starters I'm still sick, so I won't be performing in the All Australian Duck Part II (our pet name for the closing ceremony).

The last couple of days have been rather fun however !! On Tuesday I caught up with Roie, who returned to England on Wednesday. We went to lunch at Red Rock on Glen Osmond Rd, and while we were there, I got a phone call from Amie! I'd been expecting a call from her at some point, but it was just awesome that she rang on the day I was kicking about with Roie.

Amie and her b/f Mike have decided to move from a one-walled shed in the Far North Queensland rainforest to somewhere a bit more isolated, so Western Australia is the natural successor. Happily, theey had to drop through Adelaide to get there, and so we had a bit of a reunion going on as soon as I bundled Roie into the car and drove her up to the German Arms at Hahndorf. Y'know, I don't reckon I've seen her for at least 5 years, but she hasn't changed all that much. Was GREAT to see both of those girls.

In Jamboree-related news, I've been running follow-spots the last few nights, because Glen's hurt his foot, and plus I just wanted to have a go ! I think I've done 3 nights now – but for me the highlight would have to be last night, because I got to spotlight for the SCARED WEIRD LITTLE GUYS !!!

I grabbed a couple of shameless groupie-style photos and autographs, but I think this is OK – it's the first real band-related reaction I've had whilst being up here. I reckon the Scaredies are heaps more talented than that Guy Sebastian fellow ;)

So yeah, that was way cool! The Scouts loved it too – the crowd in the arena was as big as, if not bigger, than the ones that Sophie and Guy drew… so it's comforting to know that the Scouts still have a bit of class.

The OTHER cool thing about last night is that we finally got the Badgers dance projected up onto the MistralVision screens in the main arena. My photo doesn't show it very well, but I don't have video footage :( Some of them were even doing the badger dance when we played it !! I'm gonna have to email the photo off to Weebl as a token of our appreciation for his work!

So yeah, now I'm back off to AJ2004 for the closing hours. What a hoot it's been! Over & out.

2004-01-15 : It’s almost over!!!!
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