Ah well, another night out on the turps with Michael J Winfield, only this time I survived.

Last night I went to see “ASO goes Lounge” at the Festival Theatre. Not quite sure what led to them mounting this concert exactly… I get the feeling it may have been something 'popular' to get some bums on seats for an ASO gig, but then I don't go to many so I wouldn't know what their turnout generally is. All in all it was a good night, a few disappointments, but plenty of highlights too – my favourite moment was right near the beginning when they played David Rose's “Holiday for Strings” (although I still prefer the Ultralounge version).

The sartorial mood of the evening was one to suit the music, so Winnie, Russ and I were sporting safari suits (powder blue, pastel green and chocolate brown, respectively). Lemme tell ya, if you ever want to blend in with a crowd, don't take fashion advice from Winnie. Mind you, the bright purple shirt was my idea :)

Along with the ASO there were special guest artists Janet Seidel, and etypejazz, who were sounding damn cool. The singer from etype's voice, when she wasn't going Shirley Bassey, sounded like melted dark chocolate – smoooooooooooth! You could tell she was uncomfortable in that sized venue though… and not much of a shawl-wearer, either. The other descriptive note of notheworthiness was that I thought the bongo player was a bit too earnest. Actually, the whole brass section was a bit well behaved for lounge – I think that's what was disturbing me.

Anyway, Annie would be most shat off that I elected to go to a lounge gig in preference to Powderfinger, who were playing Memorial Drive last night too.

After that we strutted through a variety of alcohol emporia, before settling at Fumo Blu on Rundle St for a Martini. V. chic.

Anyway, now I feel like shit.

2003-12-06 : Eeeeurgh… I feel like hammered shit.
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