Stage 2 of the tshirt purge happened tonight. I decided to aim for a target of 20 tshirts. I mean really, isn't that enough ?? I then put them into heaps of 'essential', 'would be good to keep if I can', and 'how the hell did this make it through round 1'. At the end of the heap assignment, there were 21 in the essential pile, 22 in the next, and 3 in the last. This is going to get emotional, because I know for a fact there's 3 out on the line that I want to keep, and I'm planning on being ruthless about this 20 t-shirt limit.

Last night at Nick's place I caught up with Dov, and it was refreshing to have a good old babble about nothing in particular, without resorting to pop culture references. The especially good part was taht we've now got 2 more songs for Pleasing Coral Tint's repertoire : “You just can't get good colour out of fried fat man”, and “Yeast is your friend”. Oh and I forgot to mention “Is this Carlos?” as well, from the morning at Winnie's. This band's gonna be a hit ! All we need now are some musicians, and some music.

I didn't make it to the Men Behaving Badly audition today -I don't know that I'd have had time anyway. That's what I'm telling myself, leastaways.

In other news, it appears that one of our local bottle-collecting weirdo's has gotten a little adventurous, because someone's made off with all Mike's homebrewing bottles, which were just sitting on the back verandah! Not much fun, as far as concepts go. I'm sure if we switch to drinking longnecks it won't be long before he's back in business though.

I read some statistic in the paper yesterday (mind you, it was The Advertiser) that there's some ridiculous number (i.e. > 1,000,000) of people producing Weblogs out there. Kooky. In one sense I keep thinking that a good justification for doing this is so I can look back on it later and see what I was thinking, but then the odds of that happening are about the same as me actually doing anything useful with the archived email I've got stored up. Yes, on our file server I've got most of the personal email I've received since 1999. NOT useful.

2003-12-08 : It’s like selling your own children!
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