2006-01-06 : Quality TV. Yes, that’s what we could use some of…

Aside from the agony of the commencement of another 3 weeks of televisual vacuum-headed torture (i.e. Celebrity Big Brother, which I'm not providing a hyperlink to on principle), I was once again dumbfounded by the assortment of programming that makes it to prime time in this country.

Tonight we saw a vet program of some description which featured a cat having open heart surgery (yes, that's right, a cat). Additionally, there was a team of about 16 people tranquilising a giraffe at one point. Apparently this is quite a challenging task.

I wasn't completely clear on why the giraffe needed anaesthetising. Maybe they were taking its tonsils out ?

A bit later (12:55-2:45am) they're showing Celebrity Big Brother Live, which will no doubt be glorious footage of a bunch of famous slappers, geezers, cross-dressers, homos and hasbeens asleep. At least they're not rolling out the bestiality documentary again.

Riveting stuff.

Hmm, maybe I should get on with finishing the whole trip-to-Wales thing and cobbling together some sort of 2005 retrospective rather than waxing mournful about how crap TV is in this country. It's not like I'm ever home to watch the bloody thing anyway…