2003-12-09 : Hungry Spider !

Last night as I was leaving the office (at about 9pm !), I noticed that there was an unusually large number of little flying things in the air.

I'm not sure what the deal is with insects – Alex Coombe might know – but there seems to be one night every so often where these flying ant thingies go berserk ! They'd formed a bit of a cloud around the outsside light at work, and I had this weird feeling that if I opened the door, they'd somehow know that there was a buttload of fluro tubes inside, and would fly in to wait until they got turned on.

Anyway, that's not where the story was going…

I noticed that a particularly observant spider had constructed a fairly big web from the ground up to the handrail for the stairs. Damn big web it was too ! It's almost like the spider had thought “Oh yeah baby, 50,000 individual flying meals – I'm gonna get me some of THAT action !”.

Well I can't help but think this spider got a little more than he'd bargained for, because owing to the size of the web, and the sheer number of these flying things, he'd managed to snag somewhere aroung 200 of the things. And it led me to wonder: a spider's body isn't that big… Was he thinking of eating them all himself ? Or was he going to invite some mates around ? DO spiders have mates ? They don't seem a very social creature…

Anyway, when I got here this morning he was all packed up and gone. Can't imagine where he'd hide a big rolled up web full of carcasses. I'm sure if I went looking, I'd hunt him down.