2003-12-04 : Great googly moogly !

So began last night my bi-annual tshirt purge.

I seem to 'attract' t-shirts. I don't know if it's just because of the number of Scout do's I get involved in, or what, but I've found it useful an necessary to instigate a cull every couple of years. The 2001 effort was the best in recent times, separating 40 of the little blighters from my possession. Last night's effort was less spectacular, but still quite hefty nonetheless. I managed to exorcise 25 tshirts from my collection, including my Mississippi-bought Pulp Fiction tshirt and my hastily-bought “Bob the Boozer” shirt. The thing is, it's always so hard to part with these things, and I keep thinking it's a shame to throw away tshirts in such good condition ! Mind you, it should be obvious to any idiot that the reason they're in such good condition is because I've got so many of the damn things I only tend to wear each one about once every 3 months or so ! Then of course there's the other end of the spectrum, such as my beloved “Save Ferris” shirt…

Tonight I'll do a complete count of what I've got left, including the ones I brought in off the line last night (yes that's right, there's MORE !), and work from there.

In other news, this morning I noticed some activity going on at the servo. They seemed to be drilling for something. I do hope it isn't oil. I mean really, that's a no brainer – drilling for oil where there once stood a petrol station!

And of course at the risk of seeming culturally or racially insensitive, look what those wacky Germans are up to now!! Cannabalism. Those laughs just keep on coming.