I just cleaned the microwave at work. Nasty horrid little appliance it is…

Anyway as I was scraping off the shrivelled caked-on remains of Tyson's stinky rice-substitute, I noticed that the “ceiling” of our microwave had a weird sci-fi looking dome to it, rather than a flat bit of metal. I guess it's so the evil little microwave demons can bounce their x-rays around more thoroughly, or something – I don't think anyone *really* knows how microwaves work (although I did see it explained in about 10 seconds on an episode of Pinky and The Brain once!). But yeah, it sorta looked like the kind of dome structure they have in Regent Arcade in Adelaide, if a little less rounded. So I couldn't help thinking – I bet that microwave's got a great acoustic ! Fortunately manners prevented me sticking my head in there to belt out a few tunes… so instead I've decided to genetically engineer a master race of hyper-intelligent singing rats, and once they're ready I shall select the most tuneful 4, sneak in to work late one night, and discover the truth for myself. Thinking about it, there's probably enough genetically mutated biomass to start the experiment on the passenger-side floor of my car… Stay tuned, gentle reader!

2003-12-03 : The nature of microwaves
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