First of all, did I miss a huge civic meeting that mandated all Adelaide drivers should act like complete pricks this week ? Unbelieveable ! They're worse than usual, and that's no small statement. I can't believe I got honked at by a guy behind me because I didn't want to queue across a level crossing. Maybe he kknew something I didn't… Maybe he had a train timetable in his car. Who knows.

Incidentally, housemate Mike's gone the big chop and had his long hair removed. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it works pretty well on him. Nice one guvna !

What else to share…? Oh yeah, had one of those dyslexic moments whilst brushing teeth this morning, and suddenly thought – HEY !? What if Colgate made a Tartan Control Toothpaste, that could be used as an offensive weapon against Scotsmen ?

Went and saw Goose last night at The Gov, and they totally rocked, as usual. Still can't get over how crowded that stage is – 16 piece band doesn't leave a hell of a lot of room to move. The gig last night seemed to have a huge guitar focus, which didn't really line up that well with past performances. Still pretty cool stuff though.

Incidentally, I've got to thank Patrick for reminding me about the punch BinBoy in the head game ! I can't believe I forgot about that ! Cheers Pat :)

2003-11-28 : “Is your name not Moose?” “Err no, it’s Michael !”
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