Found out something on the weekend – a good friend of mine from teenagership got married a couple of weeks ago. It's not surprising, because she TOLD me about the wedding weeks ago, and soforth. It's just… I don't know – just strange to think of one of your childhood friends now being married. I don't know why it *shoud* seem strange… it just does. Mind you, I'm really happy for them, and on the offchance that either of the happy couple wind up reading this, Congratulations Caitlin and Simon !

On to other news, albeit 1,000,000 times more trivial, I've decided to investigate how to draw horizontal lines part way through a “day” on this weblog thing so I can wildly switch topics without confusing the hell out of everyone.

Speaking of wild topic changes, I've got to remember to try to track down info on what style of hat and glasses The Blues Brothers wore…

2003-11-27 : Kirsty knows about pistachios
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