Hehee… I bet you weren't expecting THAT, were you ?

I've been writing this blog tool, and thought it's hardly rocket science, it's a good thing for me to practise PHP and ADODB on.

I've included a link to the old site, for historical importance, etc. etc. because I know there are some people (bizarre and deranged as they are) who still like the photos of me dressed as a pirate and soforth.

So here we are.

I don't know that anything I have to say will solve the world hunger crisis, or promote world peace, or even have any significant impact on the fashion world. But at least it'll give me a more interesting looking homepage.

Well, that's the theory.

Mind you, I didn't come here to rant or to espouse how insignificant my views are either, as is so often the trend. I've often wondered why people go to the trouble of setting up a forum for their ideas to be aired, and then spend all their time affirming how nobody's probably going to be interrested anyway. In point of fact, I don't care who's interested, because that's not the point of this exercise ! I'm going to just do my thing, and the world is welcome to swing by and have a look whenever it likes.

So the first ever topic I want to discuss on this new medium is….

Bugger me, did The Matrix Revolutions SUCK or what !?

2003-11-25 : OK, let’s see how we go…
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