We decided to pick up the late-90s comedy as a formative favourite of Liz’s, and see how such a thing might weather today. To start with it seemed VERY dated, owing to a 4:3 aspect ratio alongside the fashion & hairstyles.  Remarkable though – at the time I never felt the 90s had anything distinguishing about them, but now with 20+ years of hindsight these things look SO 90’S.  Friends-esque lightweight writing which occasionally touches on heartfelt, and already by the end of season 3 they’re leaning heavily on caricature & stereotype.  I *very* much enjoyed the opening credit iteration in series 3 to the ludicrous group shot with wind machine, and season 3 is really where the celebrity cameos start to gain momentum.  I’m surprised how much it grates on me though that Eric McCormack is a straight actor playing a gay character – I must be so woke! Although there was an episode in which Will’s current boyfriend runs into his boss at a restaurant and pretends to be straight (so as not to upset the bigot), and Will castigates him for pretending to be something he’s not. And I’m all like “Oh, GO DO ONE MCCORMACK!”.

Will & Grace – Seasons 1-3
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