Every now & again a show comes up out of nowhere and takes you places you never expected – and this crime/comedy centred around a serial killer in a Tasmanian lesbian haven town absolutely kept us guessing. Gloriously rough, and

A Man in Full

Was definitely expecting a bit more out of this David E Kelley limited series – really felt like they took what I later learned to be a Tom Wolfe story and crammed it into the few episodes they had budget

Baby Reindeer

Terrifying, really. And a bit of a twofer, because being one of the most watched things on Netflix this year we also get the parallel drama of people tracking down the players in this true story. Worth a look, but

For All Mankind – Seasons 1-4

Started as a fairly promising sci-fi/alternative timeline show, although as Season 1 progressed it was clearly light sci-fi with a more obvious drama predilection. I enjoyed the progressive timeline of the show and the reincorporation of the characters as they

Great British Menu 2024

The great marathon of high-end culinary art returns – proving once again that the standard of cooking in some parts of the country is far, far higher than others. Although that dubious regionality still shines through. This year’s crop were

Criminal Record

Decent police drama about a wrongful murder conviction, with some thoroughly disagreeable arse-covering cops, some beautifully rich flawed characters, and nailbiting intensity. Peter Capaldi always seems to be about 40% more intense than other actors, although some of that’s GOT

Mr Bates vs The Post Office

Incredibly important story, and horrifically this is the drama that triggered government action on the issue in question – we couldn’t help wondering though if they made it incredibly patronising on purpose to appeal to an ITV audience. It’s a

Banshee – Season 1 to 3

I got drawn into this as the show that Antony Starr (of The Boys) headed up previously, and was taken by the premise – a hardened criminal is released from prison, heads to the sleepy Pennsylvania town where his ex-girlfriend

Vigil – Season 2

Season 1 was so gripping that we were prepared to overlook the fact that Season 2 of this show named after a submarine had nothing whatsoever to do with submarines. Unless it was a metaphor, or something. Drones, a fictional

The Crown – Season 6

I wonder if the final season turning into a turd has anything to do with the number of Game of Thrones actors who appeared in this epic? Or, just that it finally got to contemporary time rather than historical time.

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