It’s been a true epic in many senses, however we finally made it through to the end of Season 1.  I think I’ve come to accept that this show is fundamentally a historical-fantasy-soap-opera, and realistically the plot doesn’t tend to develop *very* far in any given episode.  However I’m still drawn to it, and the death of any major character feels like a loss – though inevitable. Seeing that squinchy-faced arsehole Kurdoglu’s head roll (finally) was a moment of triumph – although with 4 more seasons ahead of us had me thinking “OK, so now we have to go through the plot arc of learning about a new antagonist”.

I won’t say it’s ALL been amazing – some of the delusional wanderings of drugged-up Turgut Alp were a bit on the tedious side, and the candelit-cave-wandering sequences trying to get into the Templars’ Castle smacked of “we’ve hired this location for the day, so we’re going to get the most out of it!”.

Still.  Love it.  Bring on Season 2… how’s it going to top Season 1?! 👍👍

Resurrection: Ertugrul – Season 1 (actually finished it now)
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