It’s a well-known fact among opinionated old arseholes like me that The Simpsons isn’t as good as it used to be. It had its “glory period” from series 4 to 10, and it’s gone downhill ever since. Ask anyone who tells you that what the last Simpsons episode they saw was and you’ll likely get fobbed off with dismissive non-answers. But it hadn’t entirely escaped my attention that they were up to series 31, and STILL GOING.  It’s a long way from watching “Do The Bartman” after finishing at an Unley Swimming Club time trial on a Sunday morning…  But anyway, with the arrival of Disney+ on our telly I figured I’d dip my toe in, and I’ve gotta say – I think it’s come back! Skimming the episode list on wikipedia I remember nearly all of the stories (which is more than you can accurately say about anything that’s happened since series 10). AND, just to check I wasn’t losing my sense of objectivity after being locked in the house for 18 months I had a quick look at some Season 30 episodes – there’s a definite, TANGIBLE difference in the quality of episode construction.  It’s probably still to early to call it… but I’m definitely gonna have a look at series 32 when I get a chance! 👍👍

The Simpsons – Season 31
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