8 part docu-series about spy techniques through recent history, backed with loads of stock footage and factual explanations/recountings of events.  I came away feeling like they repeated themselves a bit, although being one of those shows I’d pop on after Liz had gone to bed that recollection’s coloured by my propensity for falling asleep and missing bits, then ending up going back and rewatching it again.  My primary response was a constant feeling of resentment against the “comfortable” looking, uniformly white-haired old white men who’ve been driving the espionage agenda. The show was very US-centric, which polarised me against them I think.  Not that I’d probably be cheering if it were British or Australian spooks in the frame.  The pitching was ambitious, tackling “codes” in one episode, “tech” in another, and “sexpionage” in another.  Worth a look though.

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