Borgen – Power & Glory

Holy crap, having been massive fans of Borgen since day 1 and finding Birgitte Nyborg’s floundering around in latter seasons a bit less satisfying, we were delighted that this instalment was a blistering return to excellence. In Borgen Power &

Borgen – Season 3

Looking back at old media roundups it seems that the last time we watched a Borgen series was before I started writing these! Season 3 (released in 2013, but only added to Netflix in 2020) is a magnificent return to


I really admire a series crafted to be self-contained like this – Birgitte Hjort Sorensen (Borgen, Pitch Perfect 2, very briefly Game Of Thrones) – leads this FBI-equivalent terrorist drama set in Stockholm/Copenhagen, which while seemingly straightforward contains enough plot

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