Jack Ryan – Season 4

Shortened but engaging finale season for this show – thankfully the streamer allowed the conclusion in a short 6-episode season rather than the 3-season cancellation that’s become so commonplace in the content wars. Season 4 introduces Tom Clancy’s equivalent of

Jack Ryan – Season 3

This one was a do-over – we started it back when The Child was born but after about 4 episodes realised that neither of us had the brain power to follow wtf was happening or who all those people were.

The Last of Us

Really compelling post-apocalyptic zombie-esque nightmare that had us hooked & on the edge of our seats. I very much enjoyed the vibe of a zombie construct but explained to be caused by a fungal colonisation (leading to different rules), and

The Good Wife – all seasons

This one was a big undertaking: but a 7-season journey allowed for some sweeping plot arcs as well as some good episodic TV. Fabulous cast inhabiting some really strong characters in this: I’d actually watched a lot of the spinoff

Succession (Season 4)

God, they’re all awful, aren’t they? We weren’t doing the weekly-watch and so missed out on the week-by-week popular intrigue (remember back in the past when we used to work in offices and this sort of thing was called “watercooler


Well, this was unusual – initially a very oddly positioned seemingly-sitcom about an ex-veteran now turned hitman, who gets engaged by some comically bad criminals to perform an assassination only to get himself accidentally enrolled in an acting class and

The Peripheral

Genuinely interesting bit of sci-fi/drama of the sort where the episode starts a long way from where it finishes, and just when you think you know what it’s about another plot element is revealed. Coupled with being a properly decent

Firefly Lane – Season 2 conclusion

Decent drama about 2 best friends, and by the end of it you can understand how everything’s gotten to the way it has. Pretty emotional stuff, and decent TV.

The Night Agent

Cute 10-part spy-thriller pushed at me by the Netflix algorithm. It was an engaging enough story, provided you were happy to ignore the UTTERLY RIDICULOUS central plot element once it moved into view. Fun and well-put together, provided you’re not

Dead to Me – Series 3

I’ll be brutally honest and say I don’t remember specifics on this one – it’s the ongoing story of a couple of women thrust into friendship through some death & treachery, with layers of secrets at work and some ludicrous

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