Mr Bates vs The Post Office

Incredibly important story, and horrifically this is the drama that triggered government action on the issue in question – we couldn’t help wondering though if they made it incredibly patronising on purpose to appeal to an ITV audience. It’s a

Banshee – Season 1 to 3

I got drawn into this as the show that Antony Starr (of The Boys) headed up previously, and was taken by the premise – a hardened criminal is released from prison, heads to the sleepy Pennsylvania town where his ex-girlfriend

Vigil – Season 2

Season 1 was so gripping that we were prepared to overlook the fact that Season 2 of this show named after a submarine had nothing whatsoever to do with submarines. Unless it was a metaphor, or something. Drones, a fictional

The Crown – Season 6

I wonder if the final season turning into a turd has anything to do with the number of Game of Thrones actors who appeared in this epic? Or, just that it finally got to contemporary time rather than historical time.

COBRA: Rebellion (season 3 of COBRA)

I only finished watching this out of wanting closure – agonising as it was to sit through the performances and scriptwriting of the last half of this. Hard to know whether this became so risible because of the wooden/mechanical scripts,

Billions (Season 7)

The last ride of the gang from Billions. Was this credible? Not really. The motivations of the characters seemed to have come so far from where they started, but the unity against the new common enemy figure of Mike Prince

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Season 5

By this point we’re into character-driven drama, but the cast and writers bring their all to the final season and leave it all out there to tie up the story. A couple of self-indulgent conceits follow the retirement and closing

The Reckoning

Just chilling. Expertly and I think sensitively portrayed without shrinking back from the facts but also not holding the story up as rubbernecking trauma driveby. I really, really hope we’ve learned something from all this.

Jack Ryan – Season 4

Shortened but engaging finale season for this show – thankfully the streamer allowed the conclusion in a short 6-episode season rather than the 3-season cancellation that’s become so commonplace in the content wars. Season 4 introduces Tom Clancy’s equivalent of

Jack Ryan – Season 3

This one was a do-over – we started it back when The Child was born but after about 4 episodes realised that neither of us had the brain power to follow wtf was happening or who all those people were.

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