Star Wars: Andor

Holy crap. THIS is good Star Wars Universe content. As my colleague put it, “It doesn’t have space wizards” – what it DOES have is intrigue, politics, characters you give a shit about, and storyline that it’s foregone conclusion EVEN

The Undeclared War

Utterly compelling and well-referenced techno/political thriller featuring Simon Pegg and Mark Rylance in supporting roles. I loved the visual metaphors employed for computer hacking (clear fantasy extensions, as opposed to furious typing & bystander peering), and also that they’d gone

COBRA: Cyberwar

6 part followup to the surprisingly good COBRA – this once again pits Robert Carlyle and his inner circle against a national disaster; in this case what turns out to be a cyber-terrorism threat which wreaks havoc on the UK

Homeland – Season 8

The final chapter in Carrie Matheson’s Crazy Adventures, in which Claire Danes has buried the image of the impish smile from Romeo+Juliet & replaced it with a kind of gorilla-like gurning… but then, I guess the content’s rather different. It

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Could have so easily trodden into the tedious path of prequels and “Chubby… Hmm…” moments, but turned out to be a quite well thought out & detailed plot, and not *too* much “GO USA!”. A relatively nuanced view of the

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