Homeland – Season 8

The final chapter in Carrie Matheson’s Crazy Adventures, in which Claire Danes has buried the image of the impish smile from Romeo+Juliet & replaced it with a kind of gorilla-like gurning… but then, I guess the content’s rather different. It really hit us in Season 8 how much the show’s …


More compelling CIA action (who knew we liked spy stuff so much!) which was all the more baffling for being totally un-putdownable for around 7 of the 10 episodes, but finishing in a way so ambivalent that neither of us could recall mere days afterwards what had actually happened. 👍

Homeland – Seasons 1 to 7

Compelling CIA thriller following a sometime-unbalanced agent in her counter-terrorism work, in which she becomes very personally entangled – and also caught in the machinations of higher-level Machiavellian scheming by career spymasters. Famously slow in seasons 3 & 4, taken overall it’s a compelling rollercoaster and though it took a …

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