The Nevers

In summary, “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!”. Seemingly a Victorian Superhero piece, transforming into unintelligible scifi bollards at the last minute. A review I read prior to getting started described it as “a mess”, and that’s certainly how it ended

The Pursuit of Love

This was a lot. I spent a good lot of time being distracted by the fact that the story was written by one of the Mitford Sisters, which had me trying to remember the details of (that idiot) Andrew Collings’s

Upstairs Downstairs

We popped this on as a nostalgic re-watch of one of the shows we shared in the formative stages of our relationship – only to then find there was an entire 2nd series we’d completely missed!  Well-constructed within the confines


I somehow got talked into this and immediately wondered if I’d made the wrong move, given how tedious I find Jane Austen et al.  This was definitely no Downton Abbey though, and by episode 5 was bordering on Game of

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