Soupy Twists! The Full Official Story of the Sophisticated Silliness of Fry and Laurie
Comedy history shows that it is our funniest double acts who receive the most love from the public, from Eric & Ernie and Pete & Dud to The Two Ronnies and Vic & Bob. But while all of these partnerships have been celebrated in print, one of the most beloved duos of all time – Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie – have not.Jem Roberts, acclaimed chronicler of Blackadder and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,…

Following his Blackadder biography, Jem Roberts dips into detail on obvious heroes of his – Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie – in this examination of their comic partnership leading up to and focusing on “A Bit of Fry & Laurie”.

It’s apparent that there was a great deal more to this story than I’d have anticipated, but then as someone who declared themselves as a huge fan of the pair I was surprised earlier this year to learn that there were in fact 4 series of “ABoF&L” rather than the 2 that I’d been confident I knew about.

The author is visibly a huge fan, which sometimes gets a little in the way of the telling, and on the whole I left with the impression that this book was written because the author wanted to be the one to write the definitive book on the subject, rather than that there was anything particularly remarkable to talk about. Still worth a read though.

Soupy Twists!
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