Independent Scotch: The History Of Independent Bottlers

A much more engaging read that David’s last book… Broadly hanging off the idea of presenting a history of independent whisky bottling, this entertaining tome serves mainly for the author to spool out some anecdotes and make 2 points. But

Call Me Dave: The Unauthorised Biography Of David Cameron

Gripping and comprehensive read about the rise and fall of Cameron – infamously, this was the book that was sensationalised for the appendage/dead pig/mouth story. But more insightfully it detailed a portrait of Cameron being a near-effortlessly talented politician, with

It’s Not A Runner Bean

Not so much a series of short stories, as a collection of recollections between 1 and 4 pages long – from the author the then-slightly-successful South London comedian, Mark Steel. In the nearly 30 years since the book’s publication he’s

Butterfly Brain

This book of memoirs felt like Barry Cryer didn’t really want to write it – but I’m really glad he did, and loved every moment of it. It’s a bit biased – I’d read a shopping list if I knew

Him Off the Viz

As autobiographies go, it was fine. The story of the genesis and the quirks/behind-the-scnes stuff of Viz magazine were great, and I suppose in a way it was slightly comforting to be reading the story of a fairly ordinary chap

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant

See, I shoulda written this at the time rather than months later. I think the lasting impression I had of this was that it was an amusing collection of short stories, some of which (and more than I’d care for)

Jim Henson: The Biography

Jim Henson: The Biography

As a Muppet fan I’ve long been drawn to the wholesomeness and creativity of Henson, tweaked by his Bohemian streak. So this biography was a wonderful chance to get a fuller picture of the story & timelines of things. SO

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