William Castle’s 1959 Vincent Price horror, at the IMAX as part of the festival.  I realised during this I’ve only seen one Vincent Price film (Bloodbath at the House of Death), so this was a bit of a treat and I realised almost immediately how much his voice influenced Maurice LaMarche in coming up with The Brain… which was distracting. Not that this was a film that took too much concentration – a spine-dwelling centipede called The Tingler strengthens through fear and is strong enough to shatter bone, but is diminished by the host releasing their fear through screaming. So all Price needs to do is find a host who cannot scream… In this screening a tribute to Castle’s film trademarks was screaming audients, a fainting woman & medics in white coats, and a 6-foot latex Tingler inching its way across the auditorium. Sublime.

The Tingler
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