Jim Henson: Idea Man

Icons making films about icons. This time, Ron Howard on Jim Henson. Hard to be surprised by a story you know backwards, but it was nice to see all the footage of Jim, the sketchbook and diary content, and so

Squaring the Circle (The Story of Hipgnosis)

I’m a bit sheepish about clicking on music documentaries on streaming services because of the high volume of non-stories that have come out of it – however this one was pretty decent; less about any specific band and more an

The Last Starfighter

GREETINGS STARFIGHTER! YOU HAVE BEEN RECRUITED BY THE STAR LEAGUE TO DEFEND THE FRONTIER AGAINST XUR, AND THE KO-DAN ARMADA. GET READY! Screened on the Bristol IMAX screen as part of the excellent Forbidden Worlds festival – this tale of

Foxy Brown

Watching old films is really like opening a time capsule, and this Pam Grier opus was really something – a no-nonsense woman, in a chauvinist world. I feel like the story raised more questions than it answered, but it was


Can’t say I really enjoyed this, or agreed with the critics who gave it a good writeup. Yes, in many ways it was a compelling story about a talented young drummer being pushed towards excellence by a domineering, abusive conductor.

Money Monster

Upon starting this we wondered how in the hell Roberts, Clooney and West could’ve starred in a film we’d never heard of – and upon watching it everything made horrible sense. This is a straight-to-video turd. Interesting premise, with some

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

It’s tough with these franchises-of-my-childhood getting latter-day instalments, because the key players are all past it and the wellspring of ideas it all stemmed from was long since exhausted. So, the best thing you can say about this was that


It’s got to be telling that this film doesn’t appear on John Cena’s wikipedia page. Quite why it was necessary to give his character the trait of having a bad back was a bit lost on me, and the film

The Family Plan

The ol’ car salesman/family man with the secret past as a top-level assassin trope, eh? I chalked this one up as enjoyable nonsense of the sort of film you watch on a weekend when you don’t want a challenge. There’s

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