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How this ever got described as a comedy is a bit of a mystery – but whatever the genre I found it a compelling (if absurd) watch.  Having read nothing in advance about it, I really enjoyed the ongoing jaw-drops

The Whale

Good choice of film for in-flight watching, cos it translates well to the seatback screen. Pretty bleak stuff but very emotional and well-told. It’s incredibly fortunate that Brendan Fraser was cast (as he does a stellar job) rather than an

Bottle Shock

You’d think taking the story of The Judgement of Paris (the 1976 blind wine tasting where California beat France) and putting Alan Rickman in one of the key seats alongside Bill Pullman would be an instant classic – but this


Nice action/thriller about a CIA doublecross and plot to unleash a weaponised virus, answering the question “Say, what have Michael Douglas or Orlando Bloom done lately?”. Cast led by Noomi Rapace, which I thought worked really well.  Convincingly badass.  More

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

What a deliciously ridiculous film! Trust Weird Al to put out a biopic that’s totally spurious… and I really enjoyed the implausibility of Dan Radcliffe in the lead role.  Seldom laugh-out-loud funny, but it really had me smiling the whole

Margin Call

You’ve got to wonder how much dramatic licence was taken with this finance-boiler… The business arbitrarily shedding critical risk management staff to shave a margin was totally believable. The 2am fully suited boardroom sit-room complete with top exec who helicoptered

The Best of Victor Borge: Act I & II

Wonderfully silly Danish piano-playing legend, bordering on racist in that innocent “he’s from a different generation” way; silly wordplay, silly pianowork, silly interactions with other musicians. In a way watching this was pointless because I think I knew 80% of

Attack of the Hollywood Clichés!

Rob Lowe fronts a documentary sarcastically explaining the concept of “tropes” to people too lazy to look it up for themselves. This is a web page that’s been turned into a TV show, so maybe this is where Netflix is

Chuck Jones: Extremes and In-Betweens – A Life in Animation

Chuck Jones was a bona-fide once-in-a-lifetime legend, so this documentary with footage of interviews with him and his contemporaries was pure gold dust. Such a mind, a heart, and an attitude. There’s something about listening to people casually describe how

Deadpool 2

It was a long night – but once you rewatch Deadpool it’s foolish not to play on. Not sure if the streamed version of this was different to the last one I watched, or whether my recollections differ due to