I watched this film. I’ll be honest, I’m hard-pressed to tell you wtf it was about.

A Hong Kong gangster gets rescued from thugs by an apparition. The gangster’s brother (a boxer) gets paralysed in a match with a Thai champ.  The gangster goes to Thailand to avenge him, and is summoned to a temple by the apparition – who turns out to be the elevated form of a monk, who’s been poisoned by a sorcerer. The monk says the gangster (also a boxer) has to defeat the sorcerer or they’ll both die (because they were twins in a past life). There’s lots of magic, fights, gizzards, eating of gizzards, and generally wack shit going down.  And apparently for those in the know this is an exemplar of the genre, so, that’s nice.

Oh and 1000-year-old mushroom-juice.  And a naked woman who hatches out of a dead crocodile, who gives birth to 3 clingwrapped sorcerers.  No, those last sentences didn’t help.

The Boxer’s Omen
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