Most people, having just finished 3 Muppet documentaries, would be unlikely to immediately start another…

I’ll put my hand up and admit to only having watched the first 20 minutes of this – but after seeing the frigging Pigs/Vikings/In The Navy sequence for the 4th time in the same night I was feeling somewhat tested.  EVEN given my enthusiasm for the topic.  I think I draw the line at Muppets showing self-awareness of this level (“Jim Henson? Who’s he? Oh – he used to hang around down THERE… oh wow, there’s a lot of people with beards down THERE!”), and it also highlights how much the Muppet magic relied on Henson’s presence to set the tone.

What annoyed me supremely also was that in the news at the moment is Disney+’s decision to add content warnings to Muppet Show episodes, when I think it’s obvious that Henson’s approach to including stuff like that was always the gentlest and most well-intentioned of references. Hey ho, the times they are etc.

The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson
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