Most people, having just finished 2 Muppet documentaries, would be unlikely to immediately start another… and this is why I’m on my 4th coffee today.  2002 saw the 25th anniversary of the screening of The Muppet Show – and what way to celebrate than with another retrospective!  As well as the usual “What happened was” stuff, they’d tracked down some of the guests from the show’s run to give commentary & perspective (e.g. Alice Cooper, Julie Andrews, James Coburn) – which was just lovely.  And then, being a BBC production, they slipped in a selection of commentators from Aunty’s own general roster (e.g. Marcus Brigstocke, and a VERY young Ed Byrne).  And, probably unsurprisingly now, mostly the same frigging footage as used in the 1981 and 1994 documentaries.  But that doesn’t matter, does it?

I Love Muppets
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