Another Star Wars film, another excuse for me to grumble about why they’re nowhere near as good as they used to be. This one’s the backstory about what made Han Solo into who he was, and as with all of these is packed with “Chubby, Hmm” moments* – I really wish they’d focus on just telling a story rather than shoehorning in opportunities to reference elements of other films. The best summary of the shortfallings of this film was a mate of mine said to me the day after I saw it, “What was the bad guy’s name?”… and that, my friends, is the mark of Storytelling Fail. 👎

* defined by film critic Mark Kermode as “a tendency, particularly with biopics or prequels, to clumsily foreshadow plot developments that we, the viewer, are expecting to occur”

Solo: A Star Wars Story
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