How to Be Single

I think we ought to chalk this one up to “Jason trying new things”. And gloss over the fact that it turned out I’d seen it before. Kind of like a Love Actually for millennials… except in this one not everyone’s white. 👎


How to Be Single (Thursday 21st January, 2016)

Release Date: Thursday 21st January, 2016
Starring: Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann, Alison Brie
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Runtime: 110 min
Original Title: How to Be Single
Original Film Language: English
Production Companies: New Line Cinema, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Flower Films
New York City is full of lonely hearts seeking the right match, and what Alice, Robin, Lucy, Meg, Tom and David all have in common is the need to learn how to be single in a world filled with ever-evolving definitions of love.

Cast How to Be Single

  • Dakota Johnson
  • Role: Alice Kepley
  • Rebel Wilson
  • Role: Robin
  • Leslie Mann
  • Role: Meg
  • Alison Brie
  • Role: Lucy
  • Damon Wayans Jr.
  • Role: David
  • Nicholas Braun
  • Role: Josh
  • Anders Holm
  • Role: Tom
  • Jake Lacy
  • Role: Ken
  • Jason Mantzoukas
  • Role: George
  • Nick Bateman
  • Role: Actor
  • Tuesday Knight
  • Role: Actress
  • Carla Quevedo
  • Role: Camille
  • Charlotte Kirk
  • Role: Bachelorette Tiffany
  • Colin Jost
  • Role: Paul
  • Sarah Ramos
  • Role: Michelle
  • Mickey Gooch Jr.
  • Role: Robin's Date
  • Vanessa Rubio
  • Role: David's Wife
  • Zani Jones Mbayise
  • Role: Phoebe
  • Brent Morin
  • Role: Lucy's Date
  • Kay Cannon
  • Role: Woman Giving Birth
  • Tony Cheng
  • Role: Banker