Movie Category: Standup Special

Monty Python: The Meaning of Live 0

Monty Python: The Meaning of Live

Intimate documentary about the reunion of the Monty Python team for their famous Final Concert series at the O2 in 2014 (of which I was very fortunate to attend twice!).  Having seen 20+ years...

Bo Burnham: Make Happy 0

Bo Burnham: Make Happy

So weird. Watching this was an attempt to find out more about Bo Burnham’s comedy, but aside from some decent silliness all I’m left thinking is that “it’s all about him”.  But, in a...

Bo Burnham: Inside 0

Bo Burnham: Inside

Former YouTube musical comedian Bo Burnham put together this lockdown-prompted special, forming my first introduction to his work. Immediately one has to be impressed with the creativity employed to make use of the room...

Bill Bailey: Limboland 0

Bill Bailey: Limboland

Haven’t seen any of Bilbo’s solo work in YEARS, it turns out – Tinselworm could’ve been the last one I went to? – and it was a delight to see him on form and...

Stephen Merchant: Hello Ladies… 0

Stephen Merchant: Hello Ladies…

Merchant’s a genius, and uses his stature, profile, and appearance to pinball his status around like a trapeze artist.  The material here was pretty solid, but I think I could’ve done without the contrivance...

Hari Kondabolu: Warn Your Relatives 0

Hari Kondabolu: Warn Your Relatives

I mainly watched this to have a chance to see Hari Kondabolu in action after hearing him so many time on The Bugle.

Greg Davies: Firing Cheeseballs at a Dog 0

Greg Davies: Firing Cheeseballs at a Dog

There’s something bloody compelling about the way Davies tells a story. And despite basically knowing exactly what you’re going to get, it’s impossible to tear yourself away from his roll-call of tales.  👍

Alice Fraser: Savage 0

Alice Fraser: Savage

Having discovered Alice Fraser through The Bugle podcast I was very excited to see one of her standup shows – this wasn’t at all what I expected, but was excellent. It’s a personal piece...

Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room 0

Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room

Katherine Ryan is amazing.  Confident, assured, fabulous, sarcastic, empowered, affirming, hilarious, brilliant.  She’s a comedy assassin, and I wish there were a hundred of her standup specials on Netflix so I could watch them...

Jimmy Carr: Funny Business 0

Jimmy Carr: Funny Business

Netflix, IMHO, has done a great thing by sinking a load of money into developing standup specials – providing increased access to them for all, and removing the need to litter the landscape with...