Pitch Perfect 2

We only watched this to counterbalance the craptasticness of a couple of the Die Hard films and to get us prepared to accept the final load we’d get in Part 5. But aside from Anna Kendrick being nearly expressionless throughout, PP#2 remains ACA-MAZING! 👍👍

Amy Schumer: The Leather Special

Schumer taking absolutely no prisoners in her usual way in this standup show, however it’s fair to say that the set wasn’t her “usual” style – instead getting pretty clinical about sex. Kinda felt a bit like Eddie Murphy’s “Raw” and “Delirious” shows, insofar as it’s the sort of thing …

Katherine Ryan: In Trouble

Katherine Ryan has been on the comedy circuit for probably around 10 years now but I think in the last few has really found her rhythm with her brand of near-deadpan delivery of intellectually justified no-helmet, no-net leaps of comical wrongness. Definitely worth keeping an eye out for her appearances. 👍👍

Office Christmas Party

Box office silliness led by Jason Bateman’s long-suffering everyman – I was a bit surprised at just *how* ridiculous the plot of this would get, although it seemed proportionate given the presence of TJ Miller, playing… well, TJ Miller. 👍

How to Be Single

I think we ought to chalk this one up to “Jason trying new things”. And gloss over the fact that it turned out I’d seen it before. Kind of like a Love Actually for millennials… except in this one not everyone’s white. 👎

Deadpool 2

The one obvious exception to my antipathy towards the comic book superhero genre – the wisecracking, convention-busting maniac in the red spandex. And it’s also really, really dark in parts. But the good news is that the sequel’s on par with the original film. Not the hero we need, but …

Bridget Christie: Stand Up For Her

I think Bridget Christie’s wonderful, and ridiculous – and this was the first full show of hers I’d ever seen, outside of the circuit piece she used to do dressed as an ant. Excellent feminist material without – I think – pandering to women only, or too much man-bashing. Intelligent …

I Feel Pretty

(Is it a bad sign that I had to google this to remember what it was?) If anyone else was to float me the concept of seeing a comedy about head injuries & body positivity I’d probably make you a directional recommendation, however the ace in the hole here is …