Grosse Pointe Blank

Total 90s cornerstone, this. Was it the last time Dan Aykroyd played a character in a film that wasn’t just Dan Aykroyd? The thing that struck me most on this watch (other than the visible 90sisms which at the time

Love Hard

Another christmas film for the “it’s shit, but I like it” column – the usual utterly ludicrous premise and totally unbelievable plot development, and a punchline telegraphed loudly by the film’s title.  But, it was fun.  Stupid, stupid fun. 👍

A Castle for Christmas

Every now and again there’s a film that we don’t finish because it’s too thunderingly shit – but I write about it here as a warning to whoever chances past to avoid it at all costs, in the hope that

Last Christmas

If you’re going to watch a christmas film which will inevitably be total crap, then you might as well pick the one with Emma Thompson, Michelle Yeoh, Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding in it.  Is it that christmas romcoms all

The Proposal

Agreeing to marry your ball-bustin’ boss to keep your job because her visa’s expired and she doesn’t want to leave the country? Yep – perfectly reasonable premise there. The stupidity unfolds as we discover that Ryan Reynolds’ character’s heir to

Palm Springs

Described to me as “The Groundhog Day remake that nobody asked for” – am I just getting too old/cynical, or is it fair to describe this as Groundhog Day mashed up with a “best friend’s wedding” trope? I thought Cristin

Silver Linings Playbook

It’s been a while since I saw a film this genre-ambiguous. Seemingly a comedy lining up Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro & Jackie Weaver in the prime roles, Jennifer Lawrence tangents in and all of a sudden the film switches orbits,

Happiest Season

Fairly standard “girl takes partner home to parents for Christmas” story with subterfuge because parents will disapprove, notable chiefly because the protagonists are a lesbian couple. I think a reasonably admirable cast, in search of a better storyline.  Definitely a

When Harry Met Sally

I was drawn back to a rewatch of this following hearing Lucy Prebble on the ALWAYS EXCELLENT Rule of Three podcast – and though visibly an artefact of its time, I thought it was an incredibly well put together film.

Plus One

A wedding-table-comedy which I was sure I’d already seen before, but didn’t recognise any of the details.  Jack Quaid from off of The Boys inadvertantly ends up in pact with his laddish behaving mate about them taking each other as

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