Underworld: Evolution

Now, watching this came about by accident cos I thought Netflix had restarted Underworld, whereas I knew I had 40 mins til the end. So I pressed play, fast-forwarded through to the -40m mark, and then rewound back through again


Nice bit of fairly mindless vampire action nonsense here, with a suitably arcane backstory – albeit somewhat odd to think of Bill Nighy as an ancient vampiric lord once you’ve seen About Time. I think my subconscious interest in this

Escape from New York

Feels like I kinda took this one on face value really: probably a casualty of trying to watch late at night on newborn/sleep dep conditions. To get the most out of this you’d probably have needed to understand what Manhattan

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

DEFINITELY seen this before but somehow it doesn’t appear in any of my media roundups. Hey ho! I rewatched following finishing the excellent TV series Andor, due to the presence of the title character in this film.  I’ve got vague

The Boxer’s Omen

I watched this film. I’ll be honest, I’m hard-pressed to tell you wtf it was about. A Hong Kong gangster gets rescued from thugs by an apparition. The gangster’s brother (a boxer) gets paralysed in a match with a Thai

The Matrix Resurrections

Unfair to write this up as I suspect I slept through a substantive chunk of it. I thought the first 30-45 minutes were an interesting-enough bit of self-reflection about the decreasing returns in endlessly mining a franchise for sequels, and

OSS 117: From Africa with Love

I’ve been a fan of Jean DuJardin’s OSS117 films since seeing “Lost in Rio” in 2010 with Hannah & Paul, and it’s been a bit of a hard sell to bring other people on this ride with me… but me

Ready Player One

For a futuristic virtual-world story this one came off as quite fresh & original – I wonder if any of the cracks in the story were papered over by the legion of little pop-culture references buried (and more overtly placed)

Top Gun: Maverick

Bit of a pantomime, wasn’t it? There was something fundamentally weird about the idea of Tom Cruise (a 60 year old) playing football on a beach with a bunch of 20-somethings, and out-flying them, better-withstanding physical endurance, having better eyesight,

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Digital restoration release on the big screen – another chance to revisit a film of childhood in definition far greater than I’d ever seen, and in this case than the film producers had probably ever intended.  I’d forgotten about how

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