Movie Category: Action

The Batman 0

The Batman

Turns out the world needed another Batman movie.  Who knew.  This time it’s (naturally) a bit grittier than the previous ones.  I enjoyed the home-grown sensibility of some of the costumes & gear, and...

Jungle Cruise 0

Jungle Cruise

This film features opportunities for The Rock to stand in a jungle looking pissed off wearing a khaki shirt. Plenty-silly treasure caper, which whilst predictable (or at least, trope-heavy) was still a good fun...

Nobody 0


This kicked arse.  I’d read some review excerpts with Odenkirk, but in no way paid enough attention to any of the stuff going on at the time to get a bead on what this...

Baywatch (Extended cut) 0

Baywatch (Extended cut)

Basically this was just watching Baywatch again because it was so gloriously ridiculous the first time – except this version had extra bits that weren’t considered good enough to be in the film for...

Boss Level 0

Boss Level

Ah, the ol’ time loop film eh?  Forever doomed to be compared with Groundhog Day.  Except instead of trying to get his end away with Andi MacDowell, this bloke was more interested in not...

Alita: Battle Angel 0

Alita: Battle Angel

This has been in the “to watch” pile seemingly FOREVER, and I’m so glad I got around to it (thanks, COVID!) because it was a great little tale. Screaming out for a sequel (unless...

John Wick: Chapters 1-3 0

John Wick: Chapters 1-3

Not a great deal to say for this one – when you’ve got Covid 19 and are off work, you watch films.  A trilogy of ludicrous, perfectly-executed masterpieces. 👍👍

Red Notice 0

Red Notice

This film was basically the same concept as The Hitman’s Bodyguard: that is to say, take a couple of fun-to-watch actors, then loosely give them a plot to hang from as they fanny about...

No Time to Die 0

No Time to Die

And then they went to a glamorous place, to find someone. Then there was loads of shooting, and they found the name of someone else, so they went to another glamorous place to find...

Mission: Impossible – Fallout 0

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Bond For Workgroups 7.0 or something, right?  I didn’t remember exactly what the last of the M:I franchise I saw was although I do recall wondering when they dropped from quasi-decent action/thrillers into complete...