Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

It’s tough with these franchises-of-my-childhood getting latter-day instalments, because the key players are all past it and the wellspring of ideas it all stemmed from was long since exhausted. So, the best thing you can say about this was that


It’s got to be telling that this film doesn’t appear on John Cena’s wikipedia page. Quite why it was necessary to give his character the trait of having a bad back was a bit lost on me, and the film

The Family Plan

The ol’ car salesman/family man with the secret past as a top-level assassin trope, eh? I chalked this one up as enjoyable nonsense of the sort of film you watch on a weekend when you don’t want a challenge. There’s

John Wick: Chapter 4

Yes siree, the stories get stupider and the fights get longer – and in this case the film doesn’t weigh in much short of 3 hours. It’s all the quasi-balletic yet ruthlessly efficient John Wick vs. endless legions of bad

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Well, that was an antidote to Marvel films, wasn’t it? Best multiverse story outside of Rick & Morty.  Bloody staggering.  Love love loved it. 👍👍

Deadpool 2

It was a long night – but once you rewatch Deadpool it’s foolish not to play on. Not sure if the streamed version of this was different to the last one I watched, or whether my recollections differ due to


Rewatched this purely because I don’t sleep any more and have an infant to supervise. Deadpool continues to be the only Marvel property I give a monkey’s about.  Just a sweary, sarcastic joy to behold.

Underworld: Evolution

Now, watching this came about by accident cos I thought Netflix had restarted Underworld, whereas I knew I had 40 mins til the end. So I pressed play, fast-forwarded through to the -40m mark, and then rewound back through again


Nice bit of fairly mindless vampire action nonsense here, with a suitably arcane backstory – albeit somewhat odd to think of Bill Nighy as an ancient vampiric lord once you’ve seen About Time. I think my subconscious interest in this

Escape from New York

Feels like I kinda took this one on face value really: probably a casualty of trying to watch late at night on newborn/sleep dep conditions. To get the most out of this you’d probably have needed to understand what Manhattan

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