Having just listened to Dan Carlin’s EXCELLENT Hardcore History podcast on the battle of Midway, I was very interested to see how it would go with the modern Hollywood treatment.  Short answer: skip the film, listen to the podcast.  Admittedly the film’s half as long, but the podcast fared for …


Probably best summed up by how I recalled it to Adrian – “I didn’t get it initially, then I THOUGHT I got it, and then sort-of understood it (or at least tried to convince myself I did) until practically the end, and then it sorta all fell into place”.  Probably …

Captain Marvel

I feel like I *really* try with these superhero films, but they always end up feeling like I’m watching someone else playing a video game.  There’s probably loads of worthy stuff I’m missing in that synopsis, but at the end of the day – it’s a superhero film.


105 minutes of first-person-shooter-game-based bollocks.  We made it through about the first 18.  Am only noting it here in case future me wonders whether I’ve seen this and searches the blog… just so the mistake’s not repeated.

World War Z

Revisit of a favourite from a few years back – sometimes you just need a stupid relentless onslaught of a zombie film that ISN’T comedy-oriented, and this is perfect.  I don’t think my earlier assessment has changed at all.

The Accountant

Affleck pushing the boundaries of common-sense, again. This summary tells you what you need to know:”As a math savant uncooks the books for a new client, the Treasury Department closes in on his activities and the body count starts to rise”.  Yes siree, with Affleck as the titular one-man-wrecking-and-adding-machine, and …


Gerard Butler seems like a low-rent Russell Crowe in this environmental-thriller where the planet’s fucked and they’ve got to get a select group of citizens out to safety.  By the numbers, but reasonably well-executed.

Central Intelligence

Oddball buddy setup with Kevin Hart (former highschool sports hero who became an accountant) and Dwayne Johnson (former overweight dweeb who became The Rock, and works for the CIA).  I love a film that barefacedly walks in to a stupid premise.  This one did just that, and now I think …

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