Like Jurassic Park, but with instruments

Simon said “Do you fancy coming to the Deafheaven gig on March 13th?”.

Rather than bothering to look up Deafheaven videos or even the Wikipedia page to find out what sort of band they are, I’ve signed up enthusiastically on the spot.

It transpires that Black Metal isn’t really my thing.  How to describe this to someone who wasn’t there…

The 3 chaps with guitars appeared to be playing each other 2-bar snippets of their favourite songs, really fast, and all at once.

The fellow at the front seemed to be practicing his dinosaur impression.

The bloke at the back was making it his business to ensure that nobody got a wink of sleep by playing his drums as loud as was humanly possible.

As I stood there my eyes drifted over to the row of posters above the bar for various acts which had performed at Bristol’s rock institution The Fleece over the years.  And I couldn’t help thinking, “I wish it were 21 years ago”.


“I’d much rather be watching Muse than standing here listening to this shit”.

Still, worth a go I suppose.  And, it’ll learn me to do my homework in future.

Like Jurassic Park, but with instruments
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