Whether or not you think Movember’s going well I suppose depends on what metric you’re applying to the thing.

In terms of moustache growing by yours truly, it’s putting along a bit slower than I’d like, to be honest.

The growing of facial hair used to be a specialist skill of mine, and many’s been the disappointed comment by friends and co-workers along the lines of, “2 weeks?  And is that… it?!”.  In years gone by I’d be sporting a Lord Kitchener-style handlebar by now, and bemoaning the fact that I’m already out of moustache wax.

On the other hand, the fundraising side of things is going very nicely!  The Whisky4Movember team passed the £1000 mark this morning – and there’s many excellent moustaches developing among them.  And in addition to the sterling work of Dan, Andy and Billy, I’ve collected some great progress shots from Simon, Duracel Dave, Chis, Jason, and Stewbacca – all arranged below for your viewing comfort.

It’s interesting to see this year that the straight top-lip pushbroom seems to be the style du jour: in 2008 it was all about the Chopper.

I’m extremely excited to announce that so far I’ve collected £341 for The Prostate Cancer Charity, however we’re only half of the way through the month, and I know that some people are keen to wait and see some facial hair-based statement of intent before committing their hard earned.  And quite rightly so!

So, if you’d like to take the opportunity now to help our efforts out with a donation, or if you’ve already donated and have decided that the best thing to do is to give twice, then please feel free to do so, here: http://movember.jasonbstanding.com

So far in the UK Movember has raised £3,348,400 for mens’ health, and far more than that in terms of awareness.  Whatever happens from here on, it’s still a win.

Day 15: Still mo sign of land…
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