I’ve been writing a few reviews for the Qype web community site thing – as well as being quite a lot of fun to be able to air my overinflated opinions of things in a public forum, it’s also quite a handy guide to things that might be good or not good in… well, it’s not really just focussed on London any more – so, the world!

And this morning with the arrival in my inbox of the Qype Weekly Newsletter, it turns out that somebody’s decided they like the cut of my opinion-jib as well, conferring on me the prestigious and hihgly sought after titled of Qyper Of The Week.

I feel like I should be provided with some sort of purple ermine robe, or something.

The main challenge I’ve found with writing reviews – as any regular reader of my blog will attest – is keeping the wordcount down to something readable.  Personally I prefer reading reviews which have a bit of substance to them and actually tell you something, other than just “We went here and it was pretty good”.  But where to draw the line?

So far my reviews seem to have been fairly pub-centric: of the 13 I’ve written, 6 are pubs, 1 was a bar, 2 were takeaway places, 3 are restaurants, and there’s a coffee shop.  What can I say?  I really like pubs.

If you’re interested in reading my reviews, they’re found in the QypeReview category of this blog, or people reading by RSS are already subjected to them without having any say in the matter.  Or you could always go read them on the Qype site, or even join Qype and write your own – far superior and more accurate – reviews.  And then get involved in the awesome community of people, join in their multitude of brilliant & free events, etc. etc.

Oh noteriety, thy name has fewer vowels than you’d expect.