I buy too much Stuff!

Was looking for something in my room the other day and was disturbed by the amount of Stuff that I had to shift out of the way in order to look for whatever it was.  A seriously disturbing amount of Stuff.  The trouble with e-commerce is that you can consign more Stuff to be brought to you without having to invest the time or kinetic energy to go and find the Stuff.

Looking through my email folder for invoices & orders, and tallying up all the Stuff that I’ve bought this month, the total was a bit on the alarming side: it’s probably atypical (I *hope* it is), but this month I’ve spent £523.07 on Stuff.  By which I mean t-shirts, electronics, books, miscellaneous crap from eBay, software…  y’know, just Stuff.  Of that, £279.85 was for me, and the other £243.22 was random gifts for other people.  It’s a bit silly.  That could have been part of a house deposit.  Or a trip somewhere.

The challenge for September, therefore, is to not buy ANY Stuff.  Not sure how the self-discipline programme will work, but we’ll see, eh?  Realistically, nobody needs that many t-shirts anyway.

Wish me luck.

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