I’m sure the plodding count of my Facebook collection is completely riveting reading for all concerned, but it seems a shame to have celebrated reaching 800, to then let 900 paddle past without mention.

It's a little bit silly, isn't it?
It's a little bit silly, isn't it?

So firstly, congrats to Sam Brooke, my former Patrol Leader from 1st Torrens Park Scout Troop (Anacondas Patrol) for being #900.

It’s probably also worth clearing up a statement I made last time – many people have raised eyebrows at my “friending policy”, and to that end I’ve stated that in order to make it onto the list you’d more than likely be someone who I’d be perfectly happy to have a beer with (for the purposes of having a chat & a catchup, if it’s been a while since I’ve seen you).  It just occurred to me that were I to do that, on the basis of pints being about £3 a piece, this would be quite an expensive exercise – were I to be buying the beer, and getting one for myself too, I’d be down to the tune of about £5400.  Going by the idea that I’d want about an hour to chat with each person, and I normally knock off work about 6:30, that means I could get through 4 people a day…  if I started today I guess I could get through everybody by the end of February 2010.


Anyway, the point was – I’m not paying for all the beer, dammit.  And we can’t start tonight, cos I’m out seeing Nine Inch Nails.  This is going to be more complicated than I thought.

Nine hundred bottles of beer on the wall, nine hundred bottles of beer…
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