Snap snap flap flap

In the absence of an opportunity to type anything substantial this week, here’s a selection of photos I snapped out the window of our plane as we returned from Sweden back in January.

I was so busy looking at the bridge I totally failed to notice I'd gotten the Tower of London in the shot as well

Look kids... Big Ben... Parliament!

Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl, but she gets someone to do the lawn for her, obviously.

BT Tower: thankfully no sign of a giant kitten

Albert Hall in soft focus... primarily because I was misting the window up with my breath.


(It has also occurred to me that the reasons I’ve never taken such pictures before are threefold: Firstly, I’ve typically flown in at night or in cloudy conditions.  Secondly, my old camera – bless it – wasn’t capable of such things.  Thirdly, I think you’re meant to have all your electric doohickeys switched off at this point so the pilot doesn’t get confused and fly into the side of a horse.  Oops.)