Seems I misunderestimated the massive and wideranging talents of the Royal Mail.

Got a card through the door to say “we tried to deliver a parcel but it wouldn’t fit through your letter box – come & get it!”, so I did.  Well, I nearly did.  I went to the postal depot and handed over the red card.  The bloke went around behind into the parcel section and rummaged for a good 20 mins, then came back empty handed.  Even the little gnomes at Argos have better performance statistics than that!

The guy said “I dunno man.  It’s not back there.  Give us your phone number and we’ll call you if it turns up”.

The other joyful part of the expedition was that I got the bus to the postal depot, but the bus was diverted because of roadworks, and at the point where I was able to get off the bus I was about equidistant to the post office as I’d have been if I’d just walked there from home.  So I wasted another 20 mins, and a quid.  But I guess I can’t blame the Royal Mail for that.

Mmmm…  postal conundrums and public transport – I don’t ever want to hear another claim that you people are living vicariously through my blog.

Whoops, spoke too soon
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