We had a fire drill this morning – not the regular weekly test of the fire alarm, which seems to serve little purpose other than to train us further into a state of ignoring the sound of the fire alarm.  This was a proper drill, complete with building evacuation & appraisal by the man from the fire alarm company.  As there’s currently only 2 companies left in this building, of which 4 people were our team, and 2 were from the office next door, it didn’t exactly take a humungous chunk out of anyone’s morning.  Captain Safety Guy couldn’t deliver his standard dressing down about slow response times, because no matter which way you look at it, you can’t chastise 6 people for taking too long to clear a building.  In point of fact, the most serious lasting effect the fire drill has had is leaving us all thinking it’s Wednesday – Wednesday being the day the alarm’s usually tested, and therefore if you wanted to kill the inhabitants of this building probably the best time to start a fire in the basement.

It reminded me though that I probably haven’t yet shared the photo that Marty took during his visit here last year, which helps to underscore just how committed the owners of this building are to our safety & wellbeing.

That’s right – “Nearest Exit”.

I’ll bet someone had to do a course before being allowed to prepare that sign.

Safety first.
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