For reasons which I'm not 100% clear on, the other day I found myself wondering what the dumbest thing I've ever done was. There's definitely got to be SOMETHING which stands out head & shoulders above all the other fairly routine silly things, but my subconscious is obviously trying to shield me from the indignity of remembering because I can't really think of anything.

I suspect it's “option paralysis”, and not knowing where to start – there's some obvious ones that leap to mind, such as the time I fell asleep in the Flinders Uni Library on my birthday and woke up about 7:30pm when I was having friends around at 6:30pm for dinner. Or the time I went to Perth for the weekend and not only did I leave my suit behind in the office & had to buy another one, but also missed my return flight by 24 hours because I'd overzealously booked it for the Sunday morning rather than Monday morning – result being that a “cheap” $100 Perth trip cost me about $600 more than I was anticipating.

However I've found that nobody has quite as accurate a recollection of your faults as your friends do… so come on, tell me what they are. Chocks away!

2007-12-06 : Audience participation: revisiting heights of daftness.
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