2007-10-04 : Okay, okay, I give up!

So it turned out the “blogging every day in September” thing was kinda doomed from the beginning – it's always the way, isn't it? You've either got stuff to write about, or time to write about it, but never both.

As it turns out I'll have plenty of time to write over the next week or so, however I won't have web access… or even a computer… possibly not even electricity. K and I are heading off to the Greek island of Kefalonia for the week for what I'm assured is a well-deserved relaxing holiday. I've no idea if I deserve a relaxing holiday – I've never really had one before, but I'm told I'll be a natural at it.

Apparently the main activities are sleeping, eating, and lazing about on the beach.

If you're extremely lucky I won't show you any photos of the third one.