We're shifting offices tomorrow. It's pretty weird to change workplaces without changing jobs, and I'm not sure how I'll cope with the loss of being able to peer out the window at Big Ben whenever I want to know what time it is.

What's weirder is that we're the only ones left on this floor, as all the other departments have moved back to the head office (as we're contractors, we'll be in a different premises, as there wasn't room for us at the main office… so this ought to be interesting!). The only other signs of life are the removalist/demolition crew clearing the way for the new tenants.

It's a bit weird – loads and loads of perfectly good PC hardware and furniture has been sent to the scrapheap, just because there's no room for it at the main office. I guess it's my natural hoarding instinct shining through, but every time I walked past the big stack of tumbleweeds of CAT-5 cable and stacks of monitors and Cisco switches, I couldn't help but think there was an eBay opportunity going wanting there.

Weirder yet is the amount of thumping and banging coming from the rest of this floor – it's almost as if the neanderthals doing the move have elected not to move the furniture out, so much as break it into pieces small enough to fit down an insinkerator.

It'll all be over tomorrow – at least then there'll be peace & quiet. Apart from the swearing surrounding the inevitable networking problems between our satellite office and the corporate network, that is.

2007-09-03 : Same sh*t, different day, different scenery.
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