Finally, regarding Edinburgh:

Potted Potter – 2 young guys have created an intensely paced & fun anthology show whereby they sum up the entire Harry Potter series (Book-a-Minute style) in an hour. There's nothing complex about it, and the jokes are reasonably formulaic, but it's still really, really good fun. Jeff plays the bespectacled boy wizard, and Dan plays every other character in the series, helped along by a multitude of silly hats and accent changes. It had the lot of us giggling constantly for the duration – I particularly liked the audience Quidditch match, where Dan berated some Gryffindor parents for cheating by sending their child running over to dunk the quaffle in the goal, but equally lambasted a Slytherin dad for smacking the child's shot down with such agression & enthusiasm, while the two Seekers ran around the stage chasing Jeff, who was dressed as the Golden Snitch. An excellent show to finish on.

Now, photos… I have some of these as well! Edinburgh's home to some spectacular buildings & constructions – the arch over St Stephen's Place grabbed my attention.

As did The Assembly Rooms.

The Art Gallery's all dressed up for the Festival.

And then on a more temporary basis, there's the Udderbelly. What's not to love about a big inflatable purple upside-down cow?

And there's Edinburgh's culinary mainstay – deep fried crap of all varieties!

Here's Paul posing with a slice of deep-fried pizza, next to Scotland's other national symbol.

And of course, Irn Bru. Made from girders.

That's Edinburgh. Any questions?

2007-08-29 : Overstimulated? Moi?
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