1) It's not easy to find the Latin word for “breakfast”. I'm still not sure if it's “ientaculum” or “prandium”. Or whether indeed prandium (purportedly, “a late breakfast or lunch”) refers more accurately in my case given the time I usually haul myself out of bed.

2) (more relevantly) K emailed me a little while ago with a correction regarding the makeup of a set breakfast in my last story. The correct components are: sausage, bacon, egg, beans or tomatoes, tea or coffee and bread or toast, and is £4.90.

jasonbstanding.com apologises for any inconvenience due to the incorrect description of a Regency Cafe Set Breakfast, and trust that as this information is provided in good faith there will be no requirement for retribution based on failed plans or misadventure stemming from the erroneous inclusion of ham and exclusion of sausage from the otherwise stated ingredients.

2007-07-25 : Ientaculum Errata
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