2007-06-28 : The wisdom of age

“What great pearl of worldly brilliance & wit is Jason going to bless us with on this, his thirty first birthday?”, you ask.

Well, I'm addicted to Wikipedia. I've said this before. But come on – it's a free source of knowledge & information… some of it, accurate! Every day the front page features a “topic of the day”, which seem to be chosen fairly randomly (in the past I've blogged about the O-Bahn bus system as a result of Wikipedia front pageness). And I thought it worth sharing what the featured article is on today's page.

It's the Wonderbra.

I tell you, from a wikipedia point of view, I couldn't be any happier. The best birthday present of all.

Although thinking about it, I quite enjoy the way that – due to past Featured Articles being listed – those crazy boffins down there at wikipedia towers have managed to FINALLY get Wonderbra and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (otherwise known as The Queen Mother) into the same story.

The gift that keeps on giving.