…a false beard ranking problem – I've been included in the vote for the June Beard Of The Month on Travelbeard.com, however at the minute it's not looking promising.

…a coffee-making stalker – I go to Marks & Spencer for a coffee every day, and having established myself as a regular customer, the girls who work there have designated me as a “friendly chat recipient”. Beats me why, as all we've ever really had to say to each other was “Tall skinny latte to take away thanks” / “That'll be one pound seventy five”. Anyway, today one of them – as a special treat – not only gave me an extra little shortbread biscuit, but 4 of them. I won't spend too long examining why someone ordering a skinny latte might need 4 biscuits, but I hope she doesn't get any more affectionate or I'll need to start carrying a biscuit tin.

…a rat issue – whilst I was away touring Scotland a rat decided to move into our wall cavities and is busy chewing a hole in the side of our house. The Camden Palace Crew caught it, only to discover a day later that there are multiple rats. With any luck we can trap the second before it chews through the power cables to the boiler, or the gas hoses.

…a blogging, photo & email backlog – I've got my PC at home up and limping again. Vista's not proving to be the most consistent or stable performer so far, although I can get it connected to our WiFi network most of the time. Once I get a few hours at home I might be able to upload all this photo goodness I've got squirrelled away. Haven't really said much about any of my recent trips to exotic destinations, either. Not really enough hours in a day, is there?

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